San Diego County Association of School Psychologists


SANDCASP Professional Development Schedule

Sept 26th Dyslexia Workshop (Legal Updates) — This was an extremely important workshop given the passing of AB 1369. As School Psychologists, we need to understand what the passing of that bill means and how we are going to move forward. This workshop was specifically tailored to School Psychologists and how we are to identify, assess, and support students with Dyslexia. How do Dyslexia and special education intertwine? Do we as School Psychologists use the "D" word at meetings or in our reports? Do you know what AB1369 means for School Psychologists?

Nov 17th Understanding Dyslexia: Assessment and Intervention - This workshop focused on both assessment and evidenced-based interventions for students who struggle to learn to read and spell.  The speaker addressed the definition of dyslexia; the importance of assessing cognitive and linguistic processes, including phonological awareness, orthographic coding, processing speed, and rapid automatized naming; the phases of development of basic reading and spelling skills; and the implementation of differentiated instruction methodologies for addressing specific types of reading and spelling problems. 

Dec 2nd PSW Mini-ConferenceThis event was a follow up from the PSW Town Hall. There were two workshops provided. Jenny Jones and Attorney Melissa Hatch returned to provide case samples of how to use PSW in California schools. The workshop was specifically tailored to walk School Psycholgists through using the PSW model - from getting the referral for an assessment all the way to writing the PSW report and how to present that information at an IEP meeting. The 1st workshop focused on case examples and making the PSW model practical and useful. The 2nd workshop focused on the C-SEP Model, which operationalizes and refines a method of determining the existence of an SLD using a pattern of strengths and weaknesses approach (PSW) in a way that reduces testing time and allows examiners the flexibility to focus the direction of assessment toward cognitive factors of greatest concern. The 2nd workshop was presented by Beth Varner.

Jan 13th Social-Emotional Mini-Skills Conference (ED Assessment, CBT, DSM-V)
We are honored to have had the current NASP President, Melissa Reeves, along with former NASP President, Stephen Brock. They covered a variety of information - particularly how to identify, assess, and support students with Emotional Disturbance. They also covered various Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques and DSM-V updates and how they relate and impact us as School Psychologists.

March 3rd Job Fair/Student StrandThis event will have a panel of experts in the field who will provide tips and resources on getting and keeping a School Psychology job.  They will review resumes and conduct mock interviews. Employers from local school districts and private agencies will have booths at this event for recruiting.

May 12th Legal Updates (Hot Topics and Q & A)We are pleased to welcome Carl Corbin to San Diego. He is a School Psychologist and practicing attorney. If you have not seen him, you will not want to miss this event! Carl will be covering hot topics such as Manifestation Determinations, ODD, PSW, and Dyslexia. He will also be covering report writing, common legal mistakes, and litigation trends. He will bring case law so you will have legal resources to use in your practice. There will also be a Q & A session. Please send your legal questions in beforehand, as part of the registration process.